Fly Of the Month Club Launches New Web Site

This truism has popped up in more than a couple of newspaper columns this month: a fly fisher can never have enough flies. As an alternative to trout-shaped bottle openers, fish mugs and tarpon-scale ties, flies make a pretty handy gift — they’re almost never the wrong size (you just need to find the right fish), they last forever (or until they get eaten), and even if you already have one or two of the patterns, more is almost always better.
That’s why we were excited to see that Joe Grobarek re-launched his “Fly of the Month Club” this month with an attractive new Web site. Joe is a former guiding client of mine (and permit addict), who developed the idea of monthly fly subscriptions about 10 years ago. You pay a subscription fee and Fly of the Month Club sends you a handful of flies each month, along with detailed descriptions of the history and use of the patterns. Therein lies the idea for the perfect gift.
As Grobarek says “To a fly angler, flies are the central focus of the sport — it all begins where the tippet meets the fish. What fly fisher doesn’t enjoy touching, looking and studying flies and the entomology behind them?” He also lets gift-givers send a personal message to the recipient. So if you’re struggling to figure out what to get an angling buddy this holiday season, or if you’re dropping hints to a spouse about what you might want in your stocking, check out

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