RIO Releases New "Redfish" Line

December 12, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

If you haven’t tapped into the phenomenal redfishing on the central Gulf coast of the U.S., you might not understand the desire for a fly line specifically suited to these great gamefish. RIO saw the growing interest in the last several years and has made a line designed for the kind of casts typically made to redfish: short, fast-loaded presentations with bulky flies. The new “Redfish” line ($74.95) is available in sizes WF6F to WF10F.
Read the extended entry for the full press release.

RIO Products Introduces the New Redfish Fly Line
IDAHO FALLS, December 1st, 2008 – After two years of testing cores, coatings, tapers and color combinations RIO is proud to announce the launch of a new fly line perfected for the Redfish fly fisher.
The new Redfish fly line features a unique line profile that is designed to load a fly rod at close range. A medium-length front taper ensures great turnover of small to large flies and helps the cast penetrate a tough wind. The short head and back taper results in fast “one-shot” casts and ensures the rod loads at close range.
A hard, saltwater coating over a medium stiff core results in a fly line that will not wilt in most tropical conditions, while RIO’s dirt-repelling XS Technology keeps the line ultra slick for fast, long casts.
The line is also manufactured with RIO’s patent pending AgentX undercoat which produces a high floating line that is easy and quiet to pick up off the water, and unlike standard saltwater lines, ensures the running line will not sink and tangle while wading.
The fly line is a light aqua blue color that is easy to see, yet is subtle enough not to spook wary reds in shallow water. A welded loop at both ends is included for easy rigging.
RIO’s new redfish lines are available in sizes WF6F to WF10F and are available from all authorized RIO dealers. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $74.95.
For more details or information contact: Simon Gawesworth, [email protected] or Zack Dalton, [email protected] at RIO Products Intl., Inc. or check out the RIO Products web site at: www.rioproducts.com