Project Healing Waters: Giving Vets a Chance

The addictions, anger and depression that accompany many veterans aren’t well answered by traditional means, but over the past four years Project Healing Waters has proved that simply being on a trout stream can help wounded veterans take a few steps toward normalcy. Cindy Wolff writes about a recent PHW expedition on Arkansas’s White River, where the local Delta Trout Unlimited club worked with the Veterans Administration and $14,000 in private donations to arrange a week-long fly fishing experience. “Travis Dulaney keeps an Army-issue tin cup with him — a touchstone to remind him sometimes when he wakes from a drunken stupor that he’s alive. The 46-year-old who has had a few “come aparts” in his life, spent years trying to get put back together. He has prayed with Army chaplains in Georgia, walked in and out of detox, took 12 steps and then some, been on and off the wagon, in and out of jail.” On

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