Launch Follies

November 1, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

As we all know, just being in a boat ramp or launch site is guaranteed to lower the average human IQ by 50 points. I’ve driven the skiff away from my still-running rig (though unlike my friend I didn’t make it as far as the Marquesas before realizing the mistake). Other acquaintances have dropped their Clackacrafts off of cliffs that were a bit too steep and even seen their pickups bubbling at the bottom of canals. This morning Brett Prettyman cites a case of excusable theft when a dory gets launched without a tether. “The dory, loaded with fly rods and lord knows how much in flies and gear but sans any anglers or a guide, was now adrift. Dave, being the wily river veteran that he is, did the only thing he could and stole the then-unmanned boat belonging to Luke.” In the Salt Lake Tribune.