New Books: Jack Ohman's An Inconvenient Trout

September 19, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

Syndicated political cartoonist Jack Ohman’s delightful new book of drawings and light-hearted satire is a perfect example of how so often an enormous talent from outside the world of fly fishing enriches our sport with something of permanent value. An Inconvenient Trout (Headwater Books, September 2008, 128 pages) manages to be both penetratingly observant and hilarious — the kind of thing that helps you forget about any personal or angling shortcomings and focus on the stuff that really matters: laughter. There isn’t a page that didn’t make me smile in this book, but a few of Ohman’s “favorite Web sites” from the Age of the Internets are worth mentioning:
The real magic, of course, is in Ohman’s witty cartoons. If incessant political pendantry and the collapsing economy are getting you down, do yourself a favor and buy this little book today.
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