Scientific Anglers Gives '09 Lines a Sharkskin Coating

September 11, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

With all the success Sharkskin has brought Scientific Anglers this year, it’s not surprising that they are answering fly fishers’ requests by adding Sharkskin versions of some new and old tapers for 2009. SA will continue to expand its Sharkskin series with new Steelhead Taper, Magnum Taper, GPX General Presentation Taper, and Double Taper lines now offered in the original Ultimate Trout lines. Sharkskin Steelhead lines will be offered in WF6 -10; Magnum lines for big flies and fast rods are available in WF4 -10; GPX lines come in WF3 – 8, and the Trout Double Taper lines include DT3 – 6. The MSRP on all Sharkskin fly lines continues at $99.95.