Orvis Starting Production for Helios 11- and 12-Weights

August 27, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

In an interview with Tom Rosenbauer of Orvis yesterday we learned that the company is actually beginning production of the 11- and 12-weight Helios rods — one of the highlights of their new 2009 product line — this week. Why now? Turns out that Orvis just caught up with orders on the rest of the Helios line.
The 12-weight Helios weighs 5.25 ounces (the 11 only weighs 4.37 ounces). Compare that to the low end of spectrum for “light” 12-weights at about 6.35 ounces and you’ve got a rod that is probably going to be a full one ounce lighter than any other 12-weight on the market. The new rods will have an extended foregrip and two screw-in extension butts: one 1.5 inches long and another longer 4-inch butt. The new saltwater rods will retail for $795.