Classic Kreh

June 22, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

I just began reading the very entertaining advanced reader’s copy of Lefty’s upcoming book My Life Was This Big (And Other True Fishing Tales) (Skyhorse Publishing), which will come out in October. (For some reason I was under the impression that I had heard all of Lefty’s jokes, but co-writer Chris Millard has managed to give them an eloquence that makes at least some of them seem new all over again.) Glancing through Mike Leggett’s piece on Lefty this morning, I was reminded of how the veteran teacher manages to gather all the women in an auditorium when he does a casting demonstration: “‘I can teach any woman I’m not married to how to cast,’ Kreh says. ‘Wives don’t listen to what we say, they listen to how we say it. Learn to cast and then find somebody who knows the fish you want to catch. Fly fishermen are willing to share their knowledge, and outside of sex, it’s one of the few things that men and women can really enjoy together.'” In the Austin American-Statesman.