Fly Fishing People: Robert S. Bennett

Whether it be Bill Clinton, John McCain, or Kenneth Lay, Washington politicians in trouble have long counted on attorney Robert Bennett to throw them a lifeline. While the not-quite-innocent may idolize Bennett, his own role models share a personal passion: fly fishing. “Mr. Bennett admires former Michigan Supreme Court Justice John Voelker, who famously penned a 1950s blockbuster mystery titled ‘Anatomy of a Murder.’ I have always considered Voelker the patron saint of fly-fishing lawyers, and Mr. Bennett seems to agree. Voelker, who wrote as Robert Traver, took the book’s proceeds, quit the bench, bought a cabin on a pond in the Michigan woods, and spent the rest of his days catching fish and writing books such as ‘Trout Madness’ and ‘Trout Magic.'” David Keen in The Wall Street Journal.

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