Fly Fishing Gear: Aquapac's New Mini Case for Cameras

January 9, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

For some reason they haven’t been on our radar before, but Aquapac’s 100% waterproof cases seem like smart products indeed. Not only are the cases guaranteed waterproof, but they float when you drop ’em. Their latest product, the Mini Case 404, is for palm-sized digital cameras, which some of us carry around for the occasional glory shot. But they also make a super-diverse line of truly submersible cases for cameras, cell phones, radios, and all sorts of gear. What surprised us, though, is that you can buy a shoot-through camera case — rated to be waterproof to 15 feet — for only $30, and you get a 3-year warranty.
For more info on the new camera case, you can get a summary here. Or you can visit the Aquapac USA site for info on their full range of products.