Jan Isley Returns to Key West

Oh, the stories I could tell. In the Miami Herald, Susan Cocking writes about long-time fly fishing guide Jan Isley, his role in the development of the first effective permit flies, and his return to Key West. “Today, after an almost 20-year absence, Isley, who is 59, is back in Key West, guiding light-tackle and fly-fishing clients in his Dolphin Super Skiff out of Hurricane Hole Marina. ‘If I were going to fish somewhere else, it would take me too long to learn the area,’ Isley said. ‘It’s a little late when you’re 59 to come up with a new career.”’
Do yourself a favor and book Jan for some fishing. You’ll touch a little history and fish with one of the most interesting and talented guides to ever come out of the Florida Keys. (305) 295-3596 or (985) 264-8332.

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