Abel's 2008 Lineup to Include Bass Super 8 and New Super 12s

In addition to brand new designs for 2008, Abel will offer a collectors’ edition of 100 numbered 1988-style Big Game #2 reels, the first big reels that Steve Abel made 1988. (Kinda cool when I think about it; Steve was using one when he caught his first tarpon, which was with me on the south side of the Marquesas.)
The new designs — the Bass Super 8, the Super 12 Wide, and the Super 12X Extra Large Arbor Rapid Retrieve — bring more diversity to Abel’s extensive lineup. The Bass Super 8 is a custom-colored and -finished limited edition inspired by James Prosek’s very nice artwork. The Super 12 variations are meant for much larger fish, of course, with the Extra Large Arbor Retrieve designed for very fast line retrieval and Gel Spun backing.
Read the extended intro for the full press release.

CAMARILLO, CA – What essentially began as a way for a precision machine shop to utilize lathes and mills between aerospace and medical jobs – making fly reels for family and friends – has turned into the 20th anniversary of one of the industry’s most revered brands: Abel.
The first Abel Reels were sold publicly in early 1988, making 2008 the Platinum Anniversary. For 2008, Abel will produce 37 models of fly reels – engineered and machined for everything that swims. The reels are 100% made in the United States of America in this mixed residential, retirement, agricultural and light industrial Ventura County community some 50 miles north of Los Angeles.
To commemorate their first reel, Abel will produce a Special Collectors’ Edition of 100 numbered 1988-style Big Game #2 reels – re-engineered replicas of the original. These reels have a large handle, full frame, a “beauty line” on the frame and all the other features of that classic.
In appreciation and thanks for inspiring the Abel Reel and sharing his fishing wisdom in the design and production, Abel will present fly-fishing legend Dave Inks with 2008 Replica Reel #1.
The 20th anniversary commemorative collector’s edition reel is priced at $1,000.
Other new products for 2008 include –
James Prosek-Inspired Striped Bass Super 8
A limited edition Abel Super 8 fly reel in a striped bass (striper) design inspired by artist and conservationist James Prosek to benefit the Coastal Conservation Association.
One hundred of the individually colored and anodized reels will be produced. Reels will be accompanied by a signed and numbered 11×14 gicleè print of a striped bass by Prosek. The print number will correspond to the reel number.
Reel number one and gicleè print number one will be donated to the Coastal Conservation Association by Abel. The reel and print will be sold at an on-line auction with all proceeds to the CCA.
Like all Abel Reels, the Super 8 is machined from cold finished 6061-T aircraft quality aluminum. Reels are then precision machined on C.N.C. lathes and mills. The reel was designed for an 8- or 9-weight rod in fresh, estuary or saltwater conditions. The 9.1 ounce reel is fitted with Abel’s 100% cork disc drag system and is fully anodized.
With a diameter of 3.900 inches and width of 1.125 inches, the Super 8 will carry an 8-weight line and 220 yards of 20-pound backing or a 9-weight with 190 yards.
The collectors’ edition Super 8 Abel striped bass reel is priced at $1,095.
Super 12 Wide
The Abel Super 12W (wide) is equally at home in the salt fighting a Mako shark or on a Spey rod.
The new Super 12W has a fully caged frame for increased durability and to eliminate the possibility of ultra thin running line finding its way between the frame and spool. It has a diameter of 4.450- and a spool width of 1.375-inches; the reel weighs10.7 ounces.
The reel was tested extensively off San Diego, Calif., on Mako sharks. It stopped about a dozen Makos between 80- and 125 pounds on a 12-weight rod. It was further refined prior to its introduction.
The Super 12W is fitted with a double pawl system for increased reliability and what has been described as a “high tech sound.”
The reels are available in standard high gloss Black Coral or non-reflective matte black finishes. Fish graphic and artistic graphic anodized finishes are available at additional charges.
Standard 12-weight line and 400 yards of 30-pound backing;
Standard 13-weight line and 350 yards of 30-pound backing;
9/10 Spey line and 250 yards of 30-pound backing; and
10/11 Spey line and 225 yards of 30-pound backing.
The reel is priced at $880; extra spools are $390.
Super 12X Extra Large Arbor Rapid Retrieve
The Super 12X specifically targets tarpon, large tuna, giant dorado (mahi-mahi), sailfish, wahoo and other saltwater speedsters.
The reel, an extreme large arbor reel for 11- and 12-weight lines, provides anglers rapid line pick-up capabilities. The precision ratio of spool size to large arbor (hub) makes the reel unique in the fly-fishing industry, announced Don R. Swanson, Abel vice president.
The Super 12X – designated X for the extra fast line pick-up – was engineered to use Spectra or similar backing. It utilizes Abel’s oblong ported ventilation design, providing full strength and rigidity – critical when recovering hundreds of yards of backing under extreme fish-fighting pressure.
The newest addition to the Abel arsenal has a diameter of 4.450- and a spool width of 1.125-inches with an arbor of 2.480 inches; the reel weighs 9.7 ounces.
The spool and frame are interchangeable with either the Abel Super 12 or 4.5N reels, enabling anglers to have two distinctly different reels at the cost of about one and one-half.
The Super 12X is available in standard high gloss Black Coral or non-reflective matte black finishes. Fish graphic and artistic graphic anodized finishes are available at additional charges.
WF11-weight with 350 yards of Spectra
WF12-weight with 300 yards of Spectra
Spool diameter 4.450 inches
Spool width 1.125 inches
Arbor (hub) diameter 2.480 inches
Weight 9.7 ounces
The reel is priced at $880 with extra spools $390.

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