Hiking Across the Sierras

Tom Stienstra, outdoors writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, has been writing a long series on hiking through the California Sierras and the Golden Trout Wilderness for the past several days (see his route here). Collectively and individually, these are good reads. Makes us want to go look up the latest in light rods and backpacks. You can find the first in the series here, and then click on the items in the right sidebar to reach successive entries. Part seven can be found here.
“The most remote river canyon in the Lower 48, the headwaters of the Kern runs through this mountain cradle. A trek here can reveal the towering canyon rims, ancient virgin forests, pristine lakes and creeks, waterfalls and hot springs, and wildlife for which each visitor is a curiosity, not a threat. The trout fishing in the remote Kern can be the best of any in the American wilderness.”

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