Garden & Gun Magazine Reinvents the South

As we first noted last month, a new magazine out of Charleston, South Carolina aims to provide a new style of Southern haute couture for U.S. readers. Published by the local Manigault family and run by John Wilson and former New Yorker publisher Rebecca Darwin, the premier issue features a story about trout fishing on the Soquee River with George Black (who is decidedly not from the South) and bamboo rod maker William Oyster. Fern Siegel reviews it in Magazine Rack. “If G&G were around in, say 1860, it would grace the drawing room of Tara. Though whether Ashley Wilkes or John Grisham would consider the South, per the editor’s note, running from the Mississippi River east to the Atlantic and from the Virginias to Venezuela is anybody’s guess. Hugo Chavez doesn’t spell bluegrass and cotillion charm to me.”
You can read an excerpt of George Black’s Casting a Spell on MidCurrent. For more information on William Oyster’s rods, visit his Web site.

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