RIO Announces New Fly Line Cleaning Pad

April 2, 2007 By: Marshall Cutchin

RIO Products just announced a new fly line cleaning pad that uses super-fine abrasives to clean the tiniest pores in fly lines without damaging line coatings. Called “The Wonder Cloth,” the pad can be used dry or damp, and it can be thrown in the washing machine after regular use. A 4-pack has a recommended price of $4.95.
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RIO Products Intl., Inc. introduces the new Wonder Cloth
IDAHO FALLS, April 2007 – RIO Products is pleased to announce the launch of their new fly line cleaning pad – The Wonder Cloth.
A fly line gets dirty like anything else, and should usually be cleaned every few trips. Normally the best way to clean a fly line is to put the line in a solution of warm water and a mild soap (Ivory, is particularly good) and wipe the fly line down with a soft cloth.
If a fly line gets really dirty, the microscopic pores will start to fill with muck and simply wiping the line down with a wet cloth will not do the job. RIO’s new Wonder Cloth is a very fine abrasive fly line cleaning pad. The super fine abrasives in these specialty pads will strip out the deeplying dirt without roughing the fly line.
To use, fold the pad around the fly line and pull the line through a couple of times. Sometimes it can help to moisten the pad. Each time the line is pulled through the pad a layer of pore-deep dirt will be stripped off. Continue to do this until the cloth remains clean after stripping the line through.
One advantage of RIO’s Wonder Cloth is that it can be thrown in the laundry with whites and washed completely clean and reused again and again. After using the Wonder Cloth it helps to apply a light coating of RIO’s AgentX® Line Dressing to the fly line to keep it in tip top condition.
RIO’s Wonder Cloth is sold in packs of four and is available from all authorized RIO dealers. The four-pack has a recommended retail price of $4.95.
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