Fly Fishing Knots: The "X" Knot

Speaking of “Location X,” we found an interesting new knot on Tom Rowland’s “Saltwater Experience” Web site the other day. It’s called the “X Knot” (we think), and was authored by the guide who pushed the boat around in HowardFilms’s “Location X” film (we think). Since the folks at HowardFilms and Capt. Rowland are all under gag orders about the film, we can’t say much else about the knot or it’s creator except that it appears to be an interesting variation of the Sheet Bend, a classic sailor’s knot for quickly tying two lines together. It doesn’t appear to be a knot designed to provide 100% breaking strength — there is too much exposed double-line on the finished knot and the knot itself is not actually tied with doubled line — but it is an interesting idea.

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