Missoula, Montana Coffee Shops

Finally, an appropriate use of the word ‘granular’ sneaks into the fly fishing news. Christian Cryder does a careful review of the coffee shops to be found in Missoula, Montana, on New West. If you consider coffee a sacrament of sorts, as we do, and you have similar feelings about round-trip tickets to Montana, this is worth a read. (If you are wondering what’s near Missoula, think the Blackfoot and Rock Creek for starters.) Here’s what Cryder says about the Bear’s Brew: “I’ve only been in once – the atmosphere would have been nice, but guys, can you PLEASE get rid of the little Christian fishy on the sign and ditch the whole Christian music over the sound system. Rich Mullins aside, I cannot STAND most contemporary Christian music (and heck, I’m a pastor – imagine what it feels like for all those poor folks outside of the church). Blech!”

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