Famed LeTort Spring Run Threatened by Sinkhole

January 14, 2007 By: Marshall Cutchin

A newly descovered sinkhole is sucking water from the one of the most famous of U.S. trout streams, prompting the local Trout Unlimited chapter to hire a backhoe to reveal the extent of the threat. Charlie Fox, Vince Marinaro and Ernie Schwiebert developed many modern flies and techniques using the LeTort as their labratory. “Signs of the problem can be seen along the stream bank, where water appears to flow straight into the bank or down into a 6-inch-wide hole in the streambed. At two points nearby, the ground has sunk in. At the bottom of both pits, water can be seen trickling away from the stream.” David Blymire in the Carlisle, Pennsylvania Sentinel.