Accidental Angler Book Review

For those who missed the initial airing of Charles Rangeley-Wilson’s “The Accidental Angler” on British television over the past few weeks, it turns out that the show’s narrative is available in book form. Theo Pike reviews the book on the U.K.’s Web site: “Here in ‘The Accidental Angler,’ at the confluence of the writer’s craft and the film-maker’s art, it’s gripping to discover so many details that the camera didn’t catch — the ones that only the author saw. In chapter 4, ‘The Curse of Shiva’,’ he blesses us with a much-expanded account of the crew’s brain-boiling, bum-numbing circumventions of the mahseer on the Kaveri River in India.” You can buy the book via FishandFly or on Amazon.

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