Fly Fishing Books: "77 Great Fish of North America"

December 2, 2006 By: Marshall Cutchin

Artist Flick Ford and writer Dean Travis Clarke combined talents to produce the recently released FISH: 77 Great Fish of North America (The Greenwich Workshop Press, October 2006, 208 pages), a portfolio of watercolor paintings and text that tells the story of many of the important fish of North America, both fresh- and saltwater. Barbara Livingston Nackman writes about Flick Ford and the book for the Westchester, New York Journal News: “Fishing is a ‘blood sport,’ [Ford] said, explaining that it is part of the hunter-gatherer cycle of life and connects us to our food. ‘In order to live, something must die,’ he said. ‘I keep it honest and believe you have to not exploit nature, be thankful for its offerings and not take more than you need.'” FISH: 77 Great Fish of North America on Amazon.