BBC Fishing Shows: "The Accidental Angler"

David Belcher reviews the BBC’s new fly fishing series “The Accidental Angler,” starring Charles Rangeley-Wilson, and likens it to tepid soup, though clearly the producers had something different in mind. “Knowing this, you can see what the Beeb bosses were thinking: ‘An informed show for anglers — of whom there are millions — which also has something for those multi-millions of non-anglers who like looking at foreign scenery while someone comments on it in a wryly-amusing fashion! Michael Palin meets Thomas McGuane — it’s a ratings winner.'” In the U.K.’s The Herald.
Meanwhile a passage from Charles Rangeley-Wilson himself appears in the U.K.’s The Independent: “I was lucky enough to get commissions that took me, like Farson, to some far-flung corners. Those 10 years have taken me to every continent — except the polar ones — on the trail of all sorts of weird and wonderful fish, in awe-inspiring landscapes.”

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