Fly Fishing People: Bobby Doerr

Hall of Fame Red Sox second baseman Bobby Doerr manages, at age 88, to spend plenty of time doing what he loves most: fly fishing the Rogue River for salmon and steelhead. This piece by Jeff Barnard in Canada’s Metro News includes some poignant memories of baseball, arguing with Ted Williams, and the many days spent fishing with his old teammate: “‘Bobby threatened he’d never go fishing again with Ted four or five times,’ said the 89-year-old DiMaggio. ‘He’d say to me, “Dommy, I was so insulted, I felt like a real small individual the way he yelled at me in the boat. I made a little noise and he jumped all over me. I caught a fish and it made a turn and I lost the fish and he gave me some more abuse. I’m quitting him.” ‘Ten days later they were fishing again.'”

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