New Products: Redington's CDL and Crosswater Series Reels

Many folks were sorry to see Redington’s durable Brakewater series of reels go by the wayside this year. But we were heartened to see manufacturers focusing on value when it comes to large-arbor designs this year, and Redington’s new CDL Titanium ($179-239) and Crosswater series ($55) reels are examples of products that have an excellent chance to stick in fly fishers’ memories for their price/value ratio. The CDL Titaniums are designed for 5- to 12-weight rods, the Crosswater for 4- to 9-weights. A couple of things we like about these reels: large, “paddle” handles and quick-release spools, which in our mind make more sense when extra spools are inexpensive. Though only the Crosswaters are up on the Redington site, expect more info shortly on the CDL Titanium.
Also worth watching: Redington is also doing some interesting stuff with fabrics, including a very affordable ($27) Wild Fly Polo made with high-wicking, UPF 30+ Dri-Block™ knit.

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