FFR 2006: Temple Fork Outfitters

TFO has mastered the art of creating affordable products that don’t change much year over year but keep the company profitable and retailers satisfied. Every year, though, they introduce several variations in product lines and one or two completely new items. One of the notable additions this coming year is their introductory fly rod, reel and line combo that comes in a nice zippered case. It’s called the NXT Rod and Reel Outfit, and beyond coming in at a pretty remarkable $175 price ($185 for the 8/9 weight with fighting butt), it also includes a nice zippered case. As someone who learned to fly fish with a kit, I get excited when I see companies thinking about new fly fishers when considering new products.
TFO’s got several more new items worthy of note, including new rods designed by Jim Teeny (in 10′ and 9′ models), a new narrow-spool (“NS”) Terry Hayden reel, and a rod designed exclusively to generate funds for Casting for Recovery, the non-profit group that has done so much to help women with breast cancer.

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