FFR 2006: Patagonia

I have been trying for years to get Patagonia to “re-issue” the silk-weight Capilene balaclava that I began using for sun protection in the Keys in the late eighties. So I was delighted to hear that they are working on a new prototype “Bandolava” that will appear in catalogs in the spring of 2007. Along with the new facewear comes a new line of long-sleeved flats shirts called Sun Shade Shirts, which are super-comfortable, fast-wicking long-sleeved T-shirt-style shirts with modified collars to help protect the lower neck. Of course the Sun Shade line is designed for high SPF sun protection.
Patagonia is also working on a softer version of its Marlwaker flats boots called the Skiff Sneaker. It accompanies a new multi-soled sandal called the Guidewater for trout and salmon fishermen.
Plenty more to talk about in Patagonia’s new line, including an improvement to the award-winning Watermaster series (“Watermaster II”) in which they move the inner leg seams toward the leg front a couple of inches to help prevent wear and chaffing.
As could be predicted, Patagonia continues to focus on simpicity and cleanliness in design.

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