FFR 2006: Scientific Anglers

I don’t know why it seems surprising that Scientific Anglers added over a hundred SKUs (product items) to its lineup for 2007. After all, they have produced more fly lines, boxes and fly-related items on an annual basis than any other fly fishing manufacturer — except perhaps fly distributor Umpqua, if you want to get technical. Still, this year they’ve announced a ton of new stuff, including:
— Dry Tip Technology for Mastery Series Lines. Says fly line engineer Bruce Richards: “We can maintain the exceptional casting properties fly anglers expect from our Mastery Series fly lines, all in a line with a very high-floating tip.”
— An Entirely New System of Spey Lines. Says Richards: “A state of the art loop welding process and machine were designed specifically for these new lines, and literally hundreds of line designs were made and tested to arrive at this selection.”
— Left Kreh Signature Fly Lines. Find one if you can. According to the folks in the SA booth, these things are selling like hotcakes (probably because of the $39.95 price point).
— Wet Tip Leaders for the L2L Reconnect System. Part of the quick-connect system that SA introduced two years ago.
— Smaller M Series Waterproof Fly Boxes. Easier to fit in in your pocket than their larger boxes.

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