Gel Spun Storage?

A well-known fly fishing instructor and author last me last week if I knew how to best store Gel Spun (polyethelene), and I admitted that I didn’t but figured I might be able to get an answer at the FFR show. (Gel Spun is notoriously hard to tie strong knots in because of its slipperiness and brittleness, and the writer wants to advise readers on how to keep Gel Spun from degrading over time so that knots are effective as they can be.) I figured I’d talk to one of the most respected scientists in the fly line business, so I headed over to talk to Mike Stark, who does all the lab work for Scientific Anglers. The bad news? Mike said, “That’s a very good question. I’d guess that it is not affected by UV rays but only by temperature.” The good news? Mike is going to research the question and give us a full answer next week.

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