How to Clean Gear to Prevent the Spread of Mud Snails recently posted what seems to us to be the best guide yet to cleaning wading gear to prevent the spread of New Zealand mud snails and other invasive species. As BlueQuill‘s Pat Dorsey describes in his regular email newsletter, “Lab personnel and biologists might prefer the options that include using benzethonium chloride or copper sulfate; but for the average angler, the following is the most simple and cost effective technique. Mix equal parts Formula 409 disinfectant and water then soak your gear for 5 minutes. Dunk gear in a bucket or put into a river runner’s ‘dry’ bag, shake, then let sit for 5 minutes. If these options are not available, spray equipment with a squirt bottle and keep wet for 5 minutes. Pay particular attention to the inside of wading boots, under laces, and inside tongue gussets.”

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