Books: Tom McGuane Interview in New West

Hal Herring interiewed Thomas McGuane for New West, which has, in our minds, become one of the most insightful online rags out there (it was started by Jonathan Weber, who founded the meteoric The Industry Standard which some may remember from the years).
From the interview: “‘There was a time, about ten years, where I didn’t do anything but work. One day Russell Chatham came over and stood around, finally said, “I could never live like this,” and left. And that was not a particularly productive time for me. This year, I’ve already been tarpon fishing twice. So many of my friends have gotten old and just fish for a little while and they’re ready to head in. I still like to fish from, as my rancher friend Buster Welch in Texas would say ‘from can’t see to can’t see.'”

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