Fly Fishing Trips: Why the Madison Ranks

“‘Of the three rivers (Jefferson and Gallatin, as well), the Madison — if you were giving it a ski-slope rating — would be more toward the black. It’s swift and technical, but easy to master in a couple of years. The Madison has more fish per mile of the three, and it definitely is a stronger fishery.'” Guide Charlie Immenschuh summarizes the qualities of Montana’s extraordinary Madison, one of the largest and most fishable trout rivers in all of the U.S. Lynn Hennings in The Detroit News.
Also, the fortunate results of a long effort to preserve public access to the Madison will be celebrated July 7 when The Trust for Public Land holds an awards ceremony for partners of the project to purchase a mile-long section of land around the Three Dollar Bridge. Attendees will include Craig Matthews and Peter Van Gytenbeek, head of the Federation of Flyfishers.

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