Bling on a String

June 30, 2006 By: Marshall Cutchin

A champagne-induced dare in Fiji led angler and jeweler Mac McBurney to begin designing diamond-inlaid fishing flies and lures. Now his bling-bait is sold to “the fisherman who has everything.” “Here’s a true story: last year while on a television shoot, angler Andy Lightbody of Rocky Mountain Television lost four flies in the Taylor River in Colorado; four flies worth $13,000. ‘People came out with scuba gear to look for them, and that water was coooool,’ Lightbody said. ‘Two people found two of them and asked if I wanted them back,’ McBurney said. ‘I told them, ‘I lost them, you found them, they’re yours.’ That’s a fishing story.” You can find your own personal bling on a string at www.macdaddysfishinglures.com. Thom Gabrukiewicz of the Scripps Howard News Service.