Fly Fishing Television & Interactive Advertising

May 28, 2006 By: Marshall Cutchin

Personally I’m guessing it won’t be long before we can watch a television show about fly fishing for silver salmon in Alaska, press the “Buy” button after noticing a particularly clever vest configuration or fetching conehead pattern, and have the show pause while we place our bids on EBay. (A mini-window will allow us to monitor bids while we watch the rest of the show.) According to Joyzelle Davis in the Rocky Mountain News, Ted Turner has been thinking along those lines for quite some time. “Dish also carries all eight of Turner’s interactive-TV channels, which meld product placements and original programming. Viewers watch shows like adventure fishing program Wild on the Fly that don’t seem like ads, but viewers can click their remote to find out more about the fishing rods and gear.”