"Cowgirl Up"

Every once in a while we like to note what Sisters on the Fly is up to, not only because they are all about fly fishing for women, but also because the co-founder’s son, Austin Lowder, is one of the better fishing guides we’ve ever run across. Debra Dennis did a short piece on Maurrie Sussman, Lowder’s mother, in today’s Dallas Morning News, describing qualifications for membership in her girls-only club: “‘We do not ask race, religion, political views or sexual orientation,’ said Ms. Sussman. ‘We don’t talk about work or men. We talk about flat tires and fishing. The purpose is to cowgirl up. We can do everything and anything.'” (BTW, if you are thinking of fishing southwestern Montana for trout or southwestern Florida for redfish, snook or tarpon, you can connect with Austin via his Web site, Sea and Stream Fly Fishing.)

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