Books: Raines's Upcoming The One That Got Away

April 14, 2006 By: Marshall Cutchin

“Of one Times editor who criticized him in public but was friendly in private, Raines writes, ‘What is it about this place that has given this good man the soul of a bushwhacker?'” Associated Press writer David Caruso previews Howell Raines’s new book, which includes a revelation about Raines’s departure from The New York Times: he didn’t resign, but was fired. Nonetheless, the book is almost entirely about fishing, according to Caruso.
Here’s more about the new book in The Book Standard: “Raines also tosses off asides on everything from baseball to the Bushes. Whether writing about fishing near Christmas Island or in Russia, he always returns to issues of pain, gain and loss, probity and mendaciousness, friendship and love.”
It’s not all bad for Mr. Raines, who, besides apparently having a team of highly skilled publicists at work, just sold a $3.5 million townhouse on West 11th Street in New York City.