New Books: Johnson's The Quiet Mountains

“Johnson climbs, hikes and forces his way up isolated canyons catching trout – tiny and large – as he goes with his fly rod and ragged flies that he’s tied himself. Along the way he encounters numerous locals who offer him and his curious collection of companions food, shelter, advice, local knowledge and even guided trips on horseback far up to the heights of the timbered mountains and down to the depths of the rocky canyons to fish what each of them, in turn, calls ‘the best’ of the trout streams.” The California Literary Review talks about Rex Johnson’s 2005 book The Quiet Mountains – A Ten-Year Search for the Last Wild Trout of Mexico’s Sierra Madre Occidental (University of New Mexico Press, 224 pages). Johnson is also the author of Fly Fishing in Southern New Mexico (1998) and Arizona Trout: A Fly Fishing Guide (1999). (Thanks to for digging up this link.)

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