Bonefish Taking Bahamas Vacations?

March 20, 2006 By: Marshall Cutchin

As we’ve noted a couple of times before, bonefish roam much more widely than they were thought to 20 years ago. Doug Kelly wrote about bonefish that were tagged in Biscayne Bay and later showed up 50 miles south in the Keys, and recently a fish that was also tagged off near Miamai was recaught off of Andros in the Bahamas.
On TCPalm.com, Jim Hardie notes that longtime residents of Florida coasts far north of “traditional” bonefish stomping grounds have reported catching the fish, albeit infrequently. He also notes some anecdotal evidence of how bonefish schools travel: “Capt. Kenny Knudsen of Islamorada travels to the Bahamas in spring and summer on charters. A number of times, he had reported seeing schools of bonefish swimming at the surface and headed away from the Keys and going east toward the Bahamas.”