"Salmon to Sea" Awareness Campaign

Bill Erickson of Flagstaff, Arizona began a campaign last year to raise awareness of the problems facing wild sockeye salmon, and particularly the challenges presented to the species by dams, fish hatcheries, and streamside erosion. His goal? To get financial support for a kayak trip through the native salmon ranges and to increase the visibility of what’s at stake. “All along this trip we plan on stopping in the towns along the river (i.e. Stanley, Challis, Salmon, Riggins, Lewiston, Tri-Cities, Hood River, Portland and Astoria). At these ‘Awareness’ stops we will arrange to talk with local journalists and school groups and in several key cities we will have full-blown planned public rallies.”
Check out Bill’s Weblog site at www.salmontosea.blogspot.com for more information.

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