Stu Apte Recounts Long-Standing Mahi-Mahi Record

December 8, 2005 By: Marshall Cutchin

Stu Apte, who is to be inducted on Sunday into the IGFA’s Fishing Hall of Fame, recalls catching his 12-pound-tippet dolphin record off of Panama in 1964. “It was 41 years ago, in early December 1964, while Apte was fishing out of Pinas Bay, Panama. He was scouting the ocean that day in an old single-engine, lapstrake boat when he spotted a mahogany tree bobbing on the surface. ‘You could see the big, blue pecks,’ Apte said. ‘There were three of them. I had a popping bug with a 2/0 hook. I bounced the popping bug off the log. After the second big chug, the smallest of the three came up and ate it.'” Willie Howard in the Palm Beach Post.