New Dr. Slick Products for 2006

September 9, 2005 By: Marshall Cutchin

Where does “Dr. Slick” get most of his product design ideas? From the operating room. Dr. Slick is actually Dr. Kenneth A. High, a Montana surgeon. According to the announcement for next year’s new products, “New fly-fishing and fly-tying tools were designed, tested, deconstructed and re-manufactured to attain the new line of instruments, according to Dr. Kenneth A. High, president. The products have been ‘in the works’ for about 18 months.”
• Titanium Clamps. 100% titanium clamps in two styles: 5-inch Spring Creek model with smooth, needle nose jaws; or 5-1/2 inch Scissors Clamp model with one-half smooth and one-half cross-hatched jaws. Blue finish. Available in gift sets.
Spring Creek model $45; Scissors Clamp model $55.
• Synthetics Scissors. 5-inch heavy-bladed scissors made specifically for synthetic fly-tying materials such as poly yarn, foam or other man made fibers and manufactured products.
• Curved Scissors Clamp. The original straight blade Scissors Clamp was introduced in 1999. This new 4-inch model has curved jaws, allowing for faster, more accurate removal of a fly. Available in gold or black.
• Clip-on Reel. With a 28-inch Nylon cord and polycarbonate body, an excellent choice for saltwater anglers.
• Stainless Steel Fly-Tying Tools. A complete range of the world’s most popular fly-tying tools made with superior 400 grade stainless steel. Matte finish. Available in a gift set.
Hackle pliers – $6.00.
Non-slip hackle pliers – $6.00
Small rotary hackle pliers – $8.00
Large rotary hackle pliers – $9.00
Dubbing hook (5-inch) – $7.00
Dubbing hook (7-inch) – $7.00
Small hair stacker with padded base (1-3/4 inch) – $14.00
Medium hair stacker with padded base (2-inch) – $15.00
Large hair stacker with padded base (3-3/4 inch) – $17.00
Bodkin – $6.00
Bobbin threader – $6.00
Half-hitch tools – $7.00
Rotary whip finisher – $8.00