Fishing Flies: The Pick of the Experts (1972)

May 16, 2005 By: Marshall Cutchin

This piece on Dave Archer’s GlacierToYellowstone.com notes that “Lefty Kreh, in an article published February, 1972 in Field and Stream, polled twelve expert fly fishers. The following list of dry flies, nymph flies and streamer flies represents a composite of the most frequently used flies for each category among these twelve experts.
Dry Flies: Light Cahill; Adams; Royal Wulff; Irresistible; Quill Gordon; Humpy
Nymphs: Trueblood Otter Shrimp; Quill Gordon; Ed Burk; Yellow Stone Fly; Muskrat; Woolly Worm
Streamers: Black Nose Dace; Spruce Fly; Muddler Minnow; Gray Ghost; Black Marabou; White Marabou”