Mountain Trout and the BTU Output of Goat Hair

March 9, 2005 By: Marshall Cutchin

Ryan Jordan waxes philosophical about packing light on an eight-day fishing and hiking trip through Montana’s Beartooth Mountains in search of high mountain lake trout. Just FYI, this is one of the most spectular regions in the U.S. for high-mountain fishing treks — but not one you want to consider without careful planning. “Several more hours of rockhopping brought us high into the glaciated domain of some of the Beartooth’s lesser-known peaks. Late afternoon brought a waning sun, high winds, and impending thunderstorms, quickly making us realize that we were walking astride a very fine line between sheer stupidity and well, sheer stupidity (I won’t say which side of the line, because my mom might be reading this).” On BackpackingLight.com.