Jimmy Carter's Sharing Good Times

December 10, 2004 By: Marshall Cutchin

What did former president Carter decide to put on the cover of his new book Sharing Good Times (192 pages, Simon & Schuster, November 23, 2004)? A photo of himself and Rosalynn knee-deep in a Kodiak, Alaska, stream holding a salmon and a steelhead.
But in the book he describes his initial reluctance to accept that the best fun is had with a partner: “Few of these adventures have been especially newsworthy, and I still enjoy some of them in solitude, but the main lesson I have struggled to learn is that the experiences are more deep and lasting sources of pleasure when they are shared with others. It has not been easy for me to accept this fact. Perhaps like most other people, I have had to overcome a self-centered inclination to live on my own terms, sometimes obsessed with intense ambition, bringing others into the private recesses of my life only reluctantly.” This looks like a great holiday gift book for anglers and sportsmen. Here’s an audio interview at NPR, and a mention by John McCaslin in The Washington Times.