The Fly Fishers' Hot Music List

December 6, 2004 By: Marshall Cutchin

Before the inevitable devolution there were some interesting choices for best unrecognized music on the FlyFisherman bulletin board:
Radiohead – Kid A
Flaming Lips – the Soft Bulletin
Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
The Flaming Lips – Clouds Taste Mettalic
Jayhawks – Tomorrow the Green Grass
Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (this is a MidCurrent selection as well)
Billy Bragg and Wilco – Mermaid Avenue
Grandaddy – The Sophtware Slump
Son Volt – Trace
Belle and Sebastian – If You’re Feeling Sinister
Air – Moon Safari
Drive By Truckers – The Dirty South
Sparklehorse – It’s a Wonderful Life
Radiohead – OK Computer
Beck – Sea Change
Bjork – Vesperitine
Steve Earle – El Corazon
Kings of Leon – Youth and Young Manhood
Radiohead – All of it
White Stripes – All of it
Liz Phair – Whip-Smart
Nomeansno – All of it
Fugazi – All of it
Frank Black – Teenager of the Year
Phish – Story Of The Ghost
Bob Dylan – Time Out Of Mind
The Samples – Transmissions From The Sea Of Tranquility
Bela Fleck – The Bluegrass Sessions
Pink Floyd – The Division Bell (just over 10 years)
Neil Young – Silver and Gold
Live – Throwing Copper
Mark Olson – December’s Child
Smashing Pumpkins – Melloncollie and the Infinite Sadness
Granted these are mostly iPod generation tunes and many of us wouldn’t have them plugged in during a mayfly hatch — or if we did Aaron Copeland’s “Fanfare For the Common Man” might be our choice — but it is worth noting the descriminating tastes. (Perhaps manufacturers could take something from this and produce more eclectic rod actions, for example (just kidding).)