Winter Rules for Alaska's Steelhead Anglers

November 7, 2004 By: Marshall Cutchin

Amongst the slush ice and frozen guides, Tony Lewis finds reason to chase steelhead on Alaska’s Deep Creek and suggests the foods of choice for late-season fishing, just before the rivers freeze for good. “Steelhead can be fooled with all manner of flies. Purples, oranges and pinks paint a steelheader angler’s fly box. But subtle works, too. Small, dark-colored flies resembling nymphs sometimes are the right choice. Sometimes, white yarn flies tied to resemble rotten salmon flesh work, too. Someone I know uses a large mound of fluorescent green yarn tied to a hook with good results. On this day, I use orange and red beads that mimic stray salmon eggs drifting along the bottom with the current.” In the Anchorage Daily News.