"Master of the Manifesto" – Sheridan Anderson

July 28, 2004 By: Marshall Cutchin

On the 20th anniversary of the death of Sheridan Anderson, Evelyn Spence takes a look back on one of the most colorful characters fly fishing has ever known.
“After finishing about 15 pages of The Curtis Creek Manifesto, Anderson sent them — and his vision — up to Frank Amato in Milwaukie, Oregon. ‘He looked like the perfect ringer for Long John Silver,’ says Amato. ‘He was this big guy and he sort of talked with a growl.’ Amato liked what he saw and The Curtis Creek Manifesto, published in 1978, turned out to be a cult classic, a requisite primer, and one of the publisher’s top five sellers — out of 300 -odd titles. ‘Other than Isaak Walton, he’s probably the single American who got more people fishing than anyone else,’ Amato says.” On MidCurrent.