McGuane's "A Fish Story" in Sports Illustrated

July 13, 2004 By: Marshall Cutchin

Thomas McGuane’s snook fishing story in last week’s (July 5) Sports Illustrated manages to do two things that I previously thought were impossible: describe your saltwater fly fishing guide with without succumbing to irresistable urge to lionize him, and sort out the elements that make sight-casting for snook so maddeningly addictive.
“The old guide was laid out in the living room of his small clapboard house, surrounded by family and friends. In the middle of it all, supported by her sisters, was his grief-stricken widow. When my father and his friends walked in, she looked up blearily, adjusted her focus and cried, ‘There’s the sons-abitches that killed my husband!'”
Let’s hope this is just a tease and that McGuane is going to put out another collection of stories in the next year or two.