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What We Can Learn from Competition Anglers

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Videographer Tim Flagler: “There are strong opinions when it comes to competitive fly fishing yet only a small percentage of fly fisherman have ever even witnessed a competition, many of which look very similar to this. Just like you and me, these guys love to fly fish, enjoy coffee and donuts in the morning and put their waders on one leg at a time. The only real difference is, they’re after numbers of fish, they keep accurate records of what they catch and tally the results at the end of the day. But wait, you say, I also like to catch as many fish as possible, maybe there’s a thing or two to be learned from these guys . . . and you’re right, there is.”

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  • Nymphermaniac

    Thanks Tim;
    Great video. If some don’t think most of us are competitive fishermen, how many times have you looked to see if anyone knows you are fighting a good one? I picked up a couple of great common sense tips from the video. I’m not a bobber fisherman, but will definitely color my leader for a strike indicator. Maybe three or four different colors to indicate specific depths. I think high-sticking is about one step from bream fishing with crickets, but I’m not above using it when fishing for numbers. Whatever floats your drift boat.