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Tying the CB Stocker Streamer

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Authored by New Jersey tier Chally Bates when he was just fourteen years old, the CB Stocker was created specifically to catch stocked trout.  “Chally is now somewhere north of 70,” says Tim Flagler, “and the pattern he created all those years ago continues to produce.”

Here Flagler ties the pattern on a size 10 Dai-Riki #700 streamer hook.  He includes helpful tips on wetting marabou before tying it in, and using a rotary vise to wrap mylar tinsel.

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  • Ken

    Why make the head so big? Would’nt a small one look better?

    • David Straub

      Nope – the head, in this case is an integral part of the pattern, not just a tie-off point! Many of the streamer patterns of the era were done the same way. I think it would look funny without the big head, but you can tie it anyway you desire. This is just my observation and opinion – others may differ, of course!

  • Clyde Nunes

    How do you fish this fly? Full sinking, sink tip?

  • Cee Blue

    –: not to ‘steal anyone’s thunder’ but that pattern is called a Black Ghost in the N. country of Maine – I know it the throat is usually yellow – but I have seen them in red – –

    • Tightline

      Except the Black Ghost has a black body, the wing on a ghost is almost alway white saddle hackle and not marabou and it has both a yellow tail and throat. Aside from tinsel rib, the two have nothing in common other than the fact that they are both streamers.

      • Cee Blue

        T.-line : Maine was the genesis of S. flies ( think Gray Ghost ) and/however we do not always adhere to original patterns and often it’s a cumulative effort 🙂 – – but I have a number ( too many ) Black Ghosts –or so called—that have just the one modification ( notable anyway ) as I previously referenced –all of that to say — I will defer to your expertise —
        For what it’s worth while Maine lays claim to the first streamer -albeit true or not– ostensibly it was not of Carrie Stevens origin: A recent publication/book I believe called ‘Where Cool Waters Flow’ -written by a guide who works the Grand Lake Stream area – would have the first streamer ‘designed’ 🙂 by a long ago local who simply attached a few rooster feathers ‘in such a way’ — and enjoyed great luck pulling it behind his Grandlaker — okay ?

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  • Caudell_Peduncle

    I like the additional steps of dipping the wing and throat material in water. It makes for easier management and shaping of these wispy materials. However, I’d recommend absorbing the water from the butt ends with a paper towel before fastening them to the hook with tying thread and applying head cement. This will ensure a more durable streamer, capable of catching multiple fish before coming apart.