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Tying the Al’s Trico

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  tim-flagler

Tim Flagler ties an Al’s Trico, authored by the influential tier Al Miller of central Pennsylvania, who passed away in 2008. Fussy trout—and trout can be at their fussiest during  a trico hatch—pay close attention to insect size, and the size-24 pattern that Tim ties here is designed to match perfectly.  Flagler includes an interesting idea about leaving the tag end of knot untrimmed to imitate the trico’s split tail.

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  • Lonewolve

    I have to set the record straight, I knew Al Miller personally an fished with him from time to time also tied flies with him at the picnic bench with a bunch of the ” Little Lehigh Regulars “.Al had studied the Little Lehigh for decades and had come up with the Al’s Rat ,a midge pupa pattern that all around matches the Midge pupas found in many Pennsylvania Limestoners.
    Al was a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He was also A great friend and angler.This fly in this article was always called the “Philadelphia Lawyer” not Al’s Trico, although he also tied an fished this pattern too.
    Al Came up with this fly and the Al’s Rat for Pennsylvania’s Little Lehigh Creek in Lehigh County Pennsylvania. In Al’s memory i felt this truth should be made self evident.
    By the way Al also fished with Dick Miller {no relation}, they were good fishing buddies as well.
    Tight Wraps & Tight Lines
    Rick Wallace