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  • Jay

    As is often the case, this pattern is also known as a Shop Vac and can be found in the Blue Ribbon Flies catalog. The two patterns may differ slightly, but the fish don’t care.  It is one of my go to patterns.

  • Rusty Lugnuts

    WHITE WING PHEASANT TAIL?!  Blue Ribbon Flies has been calling this the Shop Vac since at least 2008. I’ve used it in South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Iowa, Wisconsin and New Yok. Caught trout in all of those states…

    • Michael Yelton

      Rusty,  My dad’s best friend has been fly-fishing since he was 12 years old, he’s in his 60s now and that’s one of his go to patterns and he always referred to it as the white wing PT. I do wonder how it got the name Shop Vac?? I guess it does clean em up on the river. Thanks for watching.